I’m sitting here watching a live CNN feed from a stationary camera in Baghdad. I can’t give you
the URL because you need to be subscribed to Real Networks Premium Service to get it.

It’s 7:30 pm in Iraq and the last call to prayer is being broadcast over loudspeakers. A time of contemplation
and celebration for Muslims but tonight you have to think their minds are on something else other
than the greatness of Allah. “Shock and Awe” is what the American military is calling it, “Death and
Destruction” is a more apt description.

Try and imagine sitting in your comfortable living room knowing that sometime in the next few
hours missles and bombs built by the lowest bidder are going to pay your city a visit. It’s
little comfort to know that the margin of error is slight when they’re coming from hundreds of
miles away.

This thing gets more surreal every day. What I’m watching and listening to is as real-time as
the Internet can provide and, when the ordinance starts dropping, there won’t be any glitzy
graphic and stirring music announcing “Breaking News”. I’ll know it’s started again about 20
seconds after the citizens of Baghdad. I’m safe – they are not. May Allah be with them.