It’s Sunday. It’s Spring. It’s late afternoon in Iraq. The networks are falling all over themselves
to report the fact that they have no facts. Rumors, allegations, speculations, those we’ve got
but not much in the way of hard facts. A pilot was shot down – no he wasn’t. About the only
thing everyone is sure about is that there was another case of “Friendly Fire”. What a strange
term that is. Sort of comforting like sitting around the campfire after a long day at the cottage.
I guess it sounds better than “We F***ed Up”.

Here’s a link to a Blog written by someone who lives in Baghdad.
The last entry (so far) is from Friday and I certainly hope he’s all right. Interesting reading.

For some background on this whole nasty mess, the PBS show Frontline has a chronology here.

Finally, the counter at the top of this page comes from “The Irag Body Count Project” a group
that is attempting to gather information on the civilian cost of this conflict.

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