Well, I’ve done it again. Let this little site languish and driven everyone away. “If you write it, they will come”.
You start a Blog – you’d better keep it updated or all the eyeballs drift off to more interesting places.

April has been a month of travel so I should have had lots of interesting commentaries and pictures and such
but I’ve been too damm lazy. OK, time for catch up.

April 12th, I flew off to Las Vegas for a user’s conference. At least that was the excuse I gave the boss.
After this winter of discontent, I needed to get the hell out of town. What can you say about Lost Wages
that hasn’t been said a million times before? Been there, saw the sights, left some of my money. Gambling
has never really been much of an attraction to me so I set a fairly low ceiling on how much I was prepared to drop
at the tables and I guess I’m proud to say that it took me quite a while to lose it. Blackjack’s the game and,
big roller that I am, $10 a hand is my limit. Started out on the Sunday night at a casino called “Terribles” near
our hotel and actually made about a $100. Fine, great, hey this game is easy. Wrong! Next night we hit
the Hard Rock hotel and casino and things started off great and then the downhill slide started and continued
all the way to Wednesday evening when I reached my limit and put on the brakes. In all, I lost $300 but
when you consider that they love to feed you free drinks while you’re playing, I guess I probably broke even.

So, you say, you spent all your time gambling? No, got a couple of rounds of golf in and, oh yeah, attended
the conference.

Flew back to Toronto on the 17th. With the crazy schedules that airlines dream up in some opium den somewhere,
this turns into an all day affair. Finally arrived in the land of SARS (I’d been out of touch and didn’t realize how
absolutely ape shit this city had gone over this), met up with Jan for a quick drink and finally got to sleep in
my own bed again.

Next morning, up at 5 at the airport by 7 and off to Montreal. Four of us jetted off to help our Dorval operation
move into a new building. Long days while the rest of the world enjoyed a long weekend. Flew back home
on the 22nd. More SARS paranoia.

That’s it for now. Watch this space for information on the add-a-room project coming soon.

16 thoughts on “WHERE THE HECK HAVE I BEEN?

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