I know you’ve all been waiting so here it is.

Since summers have been so hot for the last few years and now that we’re moving from SARS season
(or is it silly season?) to West Nile Season, we decided that a screen enclosure was a good idea
for the back deck. Building this was a challenge because the instructions were not very clear but
somehow I muddled through.

Picture time!

OK, the first picture.

This shows the header up that holds the roof and gives strength to the whole thing. Because
the deck is two feet off the ground, I had to extend the header higher to give me something to
attach to. Thanks to Mark and Jim for brainstorming with me to come up with the strongest

Now for the frame.

The frame is up the roof trusses are in. This filled the deck from side to side and I was a
little concerned that this wouldn’t work out right. No worries.

Here’s a shot of the construction forecat.

Sarah (now known as Braveheart) was first out into the construction zone and made sure
that everything was going according to the plan. This is the cat that we thought would
be afraid of her own shadow. Not so.

The roof is on, we’re cooking now!

Everything tightened up nicely, nothing broke and very few swear words were necessary.

Furniture’s going in, almost time to relax!

Jan cut the carpet to fit (and also cleaned up one of my boo boos) and we now have a place
to enjoy dinner during those hot summer evenings.

The forecat gives her blessing and brings a friend

Sarah moves in and even convinces Maggie to come along. 4 paws up!

And the chair makes it complete!

Some of you will remember (or you can scroll down) the chair Maxine made for us at Christmas.
I’ve been taking some grief for this being in the living room all winter. Not any more!!

There you go, the room is in – come on over and I’ll buy you a beer!