Where have I been? Here. What have I been doing? Working.
This time of year is filled with budget development at work
a task that I hate almost as much as root canals. Of course,
this hasn’t stopped me from playing lots of golf but by the
end of the work day, I’m pretty beat and doing anymore typing
doesn’t exactly fit into my nights.

I’m finally starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel
and Jan and I have a couple of trips planned to blow off some

In August, we’re headed off to St. Jacobs for three days. The
20th is our 21st anniversary so we’ll have dinner somewhere out
there (possibly Benjamin’s) and the next day I have a golf tournament
in Conestogo while Jan does some shopping in town.

In October, we make the now yearly trip to Montreal. September
25th marks my 25th year with Kuehne and Nagel and in honor of this
they give you a month’s salary as a bonus so why not blow it in
our favorite city? Once again, we’re flying on Air Canada (are
they still flying?) for free thanks to the Aeroplan miles. We’ll
probably have dinner at Queue de Cheval and Gibby’s and do some
shopping on Ste. Catherine’s. Look for an update on the flight
page and some entries here. Who knows, I might even do a daily
entry from Montreal.

To end things off, here’s some links:

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