Right off the bat, I have to say I hate that name.
I’m sure the families and friends of the 42 people
who died from this disease certainly take a lot of
comfort from having an event named after the killer
of their loved ones.

No I didn’t go. Spending all day in a field with a
population greater than that of Halifax doesn’t
exactly thrill me. I do know some people who went
but I haven’t had a chance to ask them how it went
so I’m basing my comments on what I saw and read in
the media.

I’m pleasently surprised at how well the whole thing
went yesterday. No riots, no Altamont, very few
injuries and, all in all, a remarkably uneventful
event. Hats off to everyone who had a hand in putting
this together. As well, a big tip of the chapeau to
the people who showed up. Doomsayers (like me) haven’t
got an “I told you so!” moment to point to.

The lineups were to be expected, the problems from the
heat don’t come as a shock. What most surprised me
is how efficiently people were moved. This morning,
I had a brief conversation with a young chap who was
out front of our building with our landscapers. He
went to the concert yesterday and left Downsview at
1:30 this morning. He was home in Mississauga by 2:30!!
That’s pretty amazing.

To wax nostalgic for a moment, the last concert I attended
was to see the Eagles on their Hell Freezes Over Tour.
That must have been 5 years ago.

That’s it – quick little yap, gotta go back to work.