Well that was fun. Every so often, you just need to be reminded
how dependent we are on the trappings of modern society. It’s old
news by now that we experienced a massive power failure in Ontario
and parts of the US on Thursday (at 4:11p.m. EST to be percise.
I was at work and, as some of you know, I’m responsible for IT for
a large Logistics company with offices across Canada. Bang, we’re
dead. I just came back from work where we’ve finally got to the
point that about 99% of our systems and communications are back on
line. I expect everything to stabilize by tomorrow so I can finally
start my week of vacation

Here at home, we lost power for over 23 hours and we’ve had it back
now for almost 1 complete day. The authorities are warning us that
rolling blackouts can be expected for the next week so we’re really
keeping our fingers crossed.

This link takes you to the Toronto Star’s coverage of the event.