The lights are still on (48 hours and counting) and the memory of that dark day is already starting to fade. That is, of course, until tomorrow morning when the authorities advise us that we may start experiencing rotating or “rolling” blackouts. Their concern hinges on what will happen when factories and offices try to return to normal and put a larger load on the electrical grid which is still not fully functional. Not all of the nuclear plants are up and running and we could overload the system again. Here’s hoping that we’ll keep the electrons flowing. I spent too much time at work getting all the IT equipment running and I would like to start my vacation thank you very much.

Everyone’s got stories to tell and it’s funny and somehow touching how things like this bring people together. Standing in line with total strangers, someone will invariably ask you “When did your power come back?”. If we could only strike up conversations as easily when there isn’t some sort of disaster involved.