I’ve posted pictures here from Las Vegas and Germany and other places but never anything from the town I live in. Brampton, Ontario, Canada is a city of over 300,000 and part of the GTA (Greater Toronto Area). Not the nicest town I’ve ever lived in but it is home.

Yesterday, I took a stroll around Chingcousy Park which is just a few minutes away is a large area with a ski hill, curling club, tennis courts, mini zoo, sports fields and indoor tropical garden.
Here’s a couple of the shots I like the most.

This was taken in the tropical garden and I’m very happy with how this turned out.

This is the tube ride at our “ski hill”. The mountain was made by taking all the fill from this area as they were digging the basements. Over 20 years ago this was a pretty forward thinking idea.

The entire album is availabe here.