It’s Tuesday morning and I’m just about to start a meeting here in New Orleans. Time to do some catching up.

The flights down here from Toronto went well except for one small issue. When we arrived, only half my luggage decided to join me. The golf clubs made it (it’s a good thing) – the bag containing all my clothes didn’t.

Not one to let a little problem like that get me down, we walked the French Quarter and took in the sights.

An anxious evening spent trying to get an update from Northwest Airlines was rewarded when the bag showed up early Sunday. Relief!!

Sunday morning we played golf at Audobon Park. Just a little par 62 track and my golf sucked huge but it was certainly nice to be able to swing the sticks outdoors.
Sunday night we hit Bourbon Street and it’s everything you’ve ever heard. Surreal is the best word to describe it. Thousands of people hell bent on having a good time. Me included.

Yesterday, we had a full day of meetings and then it was off to Bourbon. I was a good boy and was in bed by midnight.

Only a few pictures so far and here’s one that pretty sums up Bourbon Street.