A young girl from Peterborough marries a dashing young man and follows him from one end of Canada to the other. Along the way, she raises a boy and a girl.

Some hard times come and go and she ends up finding herself in a house amongst the trees. Long forgotten artistic talent blossoms. The house becomes a home filled with beauty sprung from her own hands and mind.

She entertains, she travels and she smiles. A lot. Not all the time because without dark clouds you could never truly appreciate the sun.

A dog and a cat are her constant companions and she’s never alone. Friends from far and wide visit and check up regularly. A daughter in England and a son in Brampton always hold her dear in their thoughts.

The years move on but somehow she becomes more beautiful every year. The inner glow dims a bit now and then but overall only grows like the flowers in her garden.

Happy Mother’s Day Maxine.