It’s not just the air temperature that warming up. We’re into the third week of campaigning for the federal election and a new poll shows the Conservatives ahead of the ruling Liberal party for the first time.

Time to declare my leaning. Federally, I’ve traditionally supported the Liberal party and the Conservatives provincially. Unfortunately, I’ll vote Liberal again this time around. The Grits are the lesser of 2 evils.

Although Jean Chretin has left Federal politics, the legacy of his arrogance continues with the patronage scandal still in the public eye. He and his “friends” saw the Canadian treasury as their own piggy bank and they had no problem raiding it with great regularity.

So how come I don’t vote to turf the robbers out? Because the Conservatives scare me. Led by Stephen Harper, a man of dubious leanings, this party has just spent years trying to reinvent itself. I don’t like what they’ve come up with. Women’s rights are at risk. Their foreign policy supports Bush and his handling of the Iraq mess. Liberals 1 Conservatives 0.

Prime Minister Martin is saying he won’t lower taxes. Pretty strong for someone trying to hold on to power. Harper says cut, cut, cut. Again, why wouldn’t I vote to put more money back in my pocket? Because these tax cuts would further gut our healthcare system. I’m getting older and I’ll need these services. Liberals 2 Conservatives 0.

If the polling results hold true, Canada will have a minority government with the NDP and the BQ holding the balance of power. I don’t think this is such a bad idea. The left-leaning NDP makes some good points and the BQ only fights for Quebec independence. Together they’ll probably keep the ruling party from steamrolling their policies through Parliment.

After years of majority government with its legacy of patronage and waste, daily accountability wouldn’t hurt us at all.

Yes, I’ll vote Liberal. No, I don’t want a landslide victory.


  1. I will be voting for the Green Party this time. They are high on the health care system. Not just in the funding but other items that contribute such as cleaner air, safe water, adequate housing, proper nutrition, lower stress, recreation all contribute to better health. I know that they will not win and probably won’t send anyone to Ottawa, but each vote for the Green Party will generate $1.75 of federal funding. So a vote for the Green Party will deny money to the Liberal,Conservatives NDP and god forbid the BQ.

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