Over on the Mars Blog someone named anonymous (and man does he post a lot) collected some of the “geek speak” from previous posts and added his comments to help us understand exactly what was being said.

These are some of my favorite things seen here. My comments are in ().

-mineral crystal assembly (I thought this was called a rock)

-level of crystal assembly (crystallinity?)

-‘twisted rope’ tubules on Mars (uh…ok…)

-linear(lengthwise) striated tubule middle vessel wall structures (ok)

-original embedment materials (ummm, can’t figure this one either)

-tubules which encase the ‘rotini’ spiral ‘twisted rope’ are very complex and are multi parted with segregated ’tissue’ patterns and distinct sequencial layering of the various substances (what he said!)

-metals are involved in migration on Earth, and they are coalaesing in the 3D particles on Mars perhaps as metal filiments with branching common. (I always wondered how the birds figured out how to fly south every year)

-‘organic’ shapeliness that we may be seeing (well, I can’t comment on shapeliness, because frankly I’m over weight)

-It is obvious that the organism is very elaborately altering the embedment (wow, nice trick)

-a well organized complex and differentiated structural object (…ok)

-detailed multipart differentiation (…good thing we know the details)

-air pressure shock waves (that must hurt)

-a vertical ‘worm’ extending from the soil with a sensing ‘eye’ extended above (I can’t touch this one!)

-hydrothermal mineralized issuance (Old Faithful?)

-I need to look at altered photos and enlargements to judge my impressions (I was wondering how you see all the stuff I can’t see)

-The ‘worm’ shapes I have seen are usually buried (so how do you see them if they are buried?)

-My actual locust or grasshopper fossil from Bounce rock (you own it?)

-Replacement minerals sometimes are crystalline upon entering a host, but are usually amorphous(not organized as crystalline and better able to flow physically), allowing very detailed replacements even to the parts of cells (uh…)

-complete biological control of the environmental production of these ‘spheres'(berries) is ongoing (prove it)

-All the evidence thus far leads to the conclusion that these worms and other life forms were transforming and remineralizing the northern plains and the Gusev crater region of Mars over geological time periods, and may be doing so today. (All the evidence? Must be busy worms!)

-objects which are well beyond the organizational potential of mineralogy and geology (sounds like a line out of Star Trek)

-Piles of light and dark ‘putty’ next to ‘worms’ (doing some spackling?)

-Repeated zebra toned soft flexible ‘worms’ side by side in tubules (how cozy)

-‘Mud dauber’ wads lining each rock in some photos, with holes for entry and exit, and eroded slither paths (…no comment)

-I am sure those of you trained in geology can agree with me that even twenty years ago it was statistics, imagination, and extensions of logical presumption that formed a large, perhaps the largest body of 3D science in mineralogy (uh, the three-dimensional study of minerals, called crystallography, has been going on since shortly after x-rays were discovered in 1895. That’s a bit more than 20 years ago.)

-the amorphous silica and iron is being deposited by atmospheric transport of fluids (wow! Talk about a hard rain!)

-The environment seems to shatter most of the rounder and more substancial stones, even at a multiple number of breakage planes. (I think it’s called weathering)

-In the principal of continuity and uniformity I will stick to the observable and measurable processes I see.
-If there is a long term process that carries weight please state the science to it. (it’s called gravity)

-As the beds are probably conditioned at Eagle crater by arsenic(arsenates) and the chemical processes are all present from impacts of nickel-iron and carbonaceous meteorites adding to volcanism as a by product of impacts and incidental mantle weaknesses which is measured in the thickness of crust throughout the northern plains, combining to produce the beds and the jarosite and hematite spheres, why is there a cautious reference to bacteria and not more substancial speculation of more complex life such as lichen and parasitism hosts? (huh? is my only comment)

-sulphuric and other acids are known to produce a creeping equalization process across even a vertical plane (acids are always creepy…they burn you know!)

-We see in some photographs from Opportunity underground structures repeated as a community of borrows (I have always had a problem seeing underground. The dirt gets in my eyes.)

-Cork and fungi are large and visible on Earth. Why not Mars as well? (Cork comes from trees. I see no evidence of trees in any photos from Mars. Maybe I’m just closed minded.)