Yesterday, some brain surgeon from the Conservative Party sent an e-mail to journalists stating the Paul Martin, Prime Minister and leader of the Liberals, support child pornography. These right wing rat bastards are not only nasty, they’re stupid.

With just over a week to go in the campaign, all the polls were saying that the Conservatives and their redneck leader Stephen Harper were heading to unseating the Liberals with the possibility of majority government not out of the question. Not content to run a sensible race and rely on the voters’ anger with the patronage scandal, the Tories decided to keep hammering the Grits in attack ads. Fine, that’s the unfortunate reality of politics today.

What happened to take this race from nasty to ugly? Holly Jones happened. This week the sick insect who raped and killed her last year pled guilty in court and was sentenced to life in prison. During the proceedings, he stated that he had been viewing downloaded child porn just before he grabbed young Holly off the street. Of course this led the Conservatives and their rabid kind to come up with the golden equation – Internet = Porn = Rape and Murder. Forget the gaps in logic in this equation but let’s concede for a moment that they believe this to be true. What to do with this new found insight? Let’s pull out Parliment voting records and make another discovery – Martin votes against goofy private members’ bills outlawing pornography and calling for control of the Internet so that means he supports child porn.

So the boys in the Conservative backroom seize upon this and send out a little e-bomb. The expected Liberal backlash erupts so they try to recall the message (unringing the bell?) and resend it with slightly less flaming language but with inference intact.

What does Mr. Harper do? He blames it on staff who are little over-caffeinated and working too many hours. But he doesn’t denounce the accusation. Instead he says, “Quite frankly, Paul Martin’s record on child pornography is shameful and just another reason why his government must be defeated on June 28.”

Mr. Martin, on the other hand, barely held his anger in check when he said, “This is personal. I’m a father; I’m a husband. He crossed the line and he should apologize.”

Is it any wonder that Michael Moore, in town yesterday for an advance screening of “Farhenheit 9/11, responds with the following when asked what he thought of the polling that puts Harper in the lead:

“I can’t believe that you guys would think about going in that direction, when we’re trying to get out of that direction.”

“I hope this doesn’t happen. Bush is going to throw a party (after the Canadian election). He’s going to be a happy man. (Harper) has a big pair of scissors in his hand. He wants to snip away at your social safety net. He’d like this to be the 51st State.”

The only good thing I can see coming out of this ugly little slice of politics is that the electorate may wake up and see what kind of government we would have under the Conservatives.