Tomorrow, Canadians go to the polls. The fact that we’ll end up with a minority government is a certainity but who will be in power is up for grabs. Polls commissioned by Toronto’s major newspapers just happen to point to whatever party the paper supports (The Star – Liberals, The National Post – Conservatives).
I’ve already made it clear that I’m voting Liberal even though I have to hold my nose when I cast my ballot. We’ve lived through over a decade of patronage and waste and I’m not sure that Paul Martin has enough control over the party to change things.
The Conservatives make my choice much easier. Their platform is a recipe for disaster for our country. If we were to give them majority control, here’s what we’d be able to look forward to seeing:
– Canadian support for the war in Iraq including a commitment to send in our troops.
– Canadian involvement in the US Missile Shield plan, a half baked make work project of epic proportions.
– The erosion of Medicare and a move to a two tier healthcare system.
– Dilution of The Charter Of Rights And Freedoms and slavish acceptance of whatever the US Department Of Homeland Security spouts.
– A return to restrictions on abortion and same-sex relationships.
– The return of Brian Mulroney. **shudder**

No thank you, that’s not my idea of Canada.