I hate Larry King and will not watch his show unless I’m forced to at gunpoint. Which means I didn’t catch his conversation with Jon Stewart of The Daily Show. Luckily, you and I can read the transcript here.
A couple of my favorite lines:
When asked what God thinks of Canada (after stating that God supports the U.S only) ” Happy to have them in the attic, but not so crazy about them in general. “
Asked to comment on the upcoming handover of power in Iraq “It’s great. I’m a big handover guy. I’m a big sovereignty guy. I love handing over sovereignty. I prefer to hand it over knowing who I’m giving it to, but I like the way this administration’s doing it. They’re just saying, we’re just handing it over. Maybe it will be a raffle. Maybe it will be the eighth caller. We don’t know yet. It’s very exciting.”

UPDATE: So they jumped the gun and had the handover ceremony this morning. Slick trick. Will this make the militants mad and cause an escalation of the bloodshed? We’ll see.