Canada is 137 years old today. Happy Birthday Canada!

We’re a young country, we’re a big country, we’re a geat country. We’re healthy, we’re educated and we’re green.

Over 52 years I’ve lived in 5 of our 10 provinces and visited all except Newfoundland. I’ve seen sunrises on the Atlantic and sunsets on the Pacific. I’ve hiked the mountains of British Columbia and drank from glacial streams so cold they take your breath away. I’ve stood on beaches in Prince Edward Island and felt strong winds that started in Ireland.

I live just outside Toronto, only 30 minutes from the centre of Canada’s largest city, and in 15 minutes I can be hiking the Bruce Trail. All the countries of the world are represented in our population and their visible heritage is everywhere. Yet, we have one important thing in common. We are Canadians and we live in the greatest country in the world.

Today we fly our flag proudly. Usually we’re subdued and a little self-effacing. Not today though. Today our hearts swell with pride. Today is our day.