I use Bloglines to keep track of a number of blogs and news sites and I’m pleased as punch with their new layout.

Incredibly clean and well thought out they’ve taken something that was perfect and made it more so. Congratulations to Mark Fletcher and everyone else who was involved.

3 thoughts on “BLOGLINES NEW LOOK

  1. Not really a comment on Bloglines, but rather, taking this opportunity to say I really like the new look here at your place. Very nice, and so much better than that deal with the frames!

    My own Asparagus Pee blog is looking clunky as heck to me, like someone took a standard Blogger template and gunked it up, which I did. I’ll have to look into this WordPress thing.

  2. Thanks Chris! WordPress is a snap to install and has lots of plugins and hacks. You really should check it out.

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