Once in a while a day comes along that just redefines the concept of the perfect morning. This morning raised the bar.
After a few days of opressive humidity, the dawn came cool and crisp with not a breath of wind. I teed off at 10 minutes to 6 with the sun just rising over the trees.
A nice brisk walk on a pristine golf course is my idea of the best way to start the day.
Of course, now I’m home and the chores begin.

UPDATE Unfortunately the rest of the day hasn’t gone as well. I was called in to work because one of the users was having trouble with her laptop. Trying to fix it ended up making it worse so my department is now stuck with cleaning up my mess. On the way home I got nabbed for speeding (65kph in a 40 zone). Luckily, the officer liked my honesty and let me off at 10kph over the limit. $40 fine but no demerit points.