The US Senate Judiciary Committee is currently studying a bill that would make manufacturers liable for damages if they make products that could be used to steal copyrighted material.

Critics say the bill would effectively outlaw peer-to-peer networks and prohibit the development of new technologies, including devices like the iPod. The Inducing Infringement of Copyrights Act (S. 2560) was introduced last month by Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-Utah), head of the Senate Judiciary Committee. The legislation would hold a company liable that “intentionally induces” a person to infringe copyright.

The bill is to fight piracy but, as usual, the lawmakers are taking a sledgehammer to kill a fly.

Let’s see, I’ve got a VCR, a Nomad, 2 cd burners, 1 dvd burner and a PVR. Guess I’d better take care of them, they might be hard to replace in the future.

132 thoughts on “VCRS ILLEGAL?

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