I really don’t understand it. This Saturday (August 14) is the first anniversary of the GREAT BLACKOUT (bold for your viewing pleasure).

Everywhere you look somebody’s writing an article about what a great time we had. Neighbours coming together, community BBQs, citizens directing traffic, etc. etc. Sorry, I don’t remember it as being that much fun.

I manage an IT group for a large logistics company and my memories of those 48 hours are that it just plain SUCKED (bold because that’s the way I feel).

I didn’t sit around the front step with the rest of the surburbanites singing Kumbyah and seeing what else we could throw on the grill because it was in danger of spoiling. When I wasn’t in the office looking at dead machines and fielding angry calls from other parts of Canada where the lights were on and “Goddamm it, I need to get this order shipped and I don’t care what the problem is” and “Do you know when the power will be back” conversations were being conducted on a crummy old rotary phone, I was at home lying in my own sweat hoping Mr. Edison’s wonderful invention would be on soon so I could go take a nice dump without looking like I was holding a vigil to save the whales or the spotted owl or some other helpless creature that is at the back of the pack in the Darwin 500.

You thought the blackout was fun? Good for you. Get all your friends together, hold hands, turn out the lights and relive the defining point of your life. I’ll be listening to the hum of the AC unit and sipping a cold drink.

BTW, this Friday is the 13th. You don’t think we could be that unlucky again??? ………..Naaahhh!