So Grant Bristow has brokenhis silence. If you’re not Canadian, this probably doesn’t mean anything to you so let me give you a little bio. Mr. Bristow made a name for himself in the late 80s when there was a controversy as to whether he was a right wing Nazi lover or a paid infiltrator for CSIS.

During that time, he worked for the company that I work for and I had almost daily contact with him. What I remember is a number of unsolicited observations from him that were uniformly racist, vulgar and sickening.

I didn’t believe his protestations that his anti-minority views were a clever front then and I don’t believe them now.

If he was acting, he deserves and Oscar. Mr. Bristow, climb back under your rock, we don’t need to hear from you again.

3 thoughts on “HEIL BRISTOW

  1. I knew Grant in the early 80’s. A huge lush who was the mc at a burlesque club across from the Eaton’s center on Yonge street in Toronto. He seemed pretty harmless at the time. I remember he was taking a business course of some kind at a community college. I don’t remember him being racist, just remember the epic drinking binges we went on occasionly. It was curious to see his name pop up from out of nowhere ten years ago and again now.

  2. Never heard him talk about the peeler bar gig. I think he got some of his warped views from the prick he worked for at our company. Head of “security”. He had their officers decked out in uniforms riding around in little suvs that we nicknamed the “War Wagons”. Bristow had a gold badge that he liked to pull out and scare the shit out of warehouse workers.

  3. I remember Grant from the 70’s – truly a piece of work – my belief is that he ALWAYS did things for no one but himself and was ALWAYS acting – he managed to pull a fast one on CSIS and the nutters (Hi Wolfgang and Don! How’s the NAZI biz?) – I used to visit Grant at Le Strip
    to watch the ladies and listen to his patter. Very professional – HAHAHAHA

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