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    Never ever be without survivable shelter
    when a hurricane, tornado or killer storm hits!

    Outdoor Unit Indoor Unit

    The Family Safety Shelter (FSS) provides your loved ones, cherished photographs and irreplaceable documents total protection against even the worst of catastrophic and devastating category 5 hurricanes, tornadoes, fires, earthquakes, floods and blizzards.

    There’s no need to try and flee over gridlocked highways, or stay in an unsafe shelter with thousands of strangers while leaving your home unprotected. Residential constructions with roofs, doors and windows, even with hurricane shutters are not designed to withstand the mighty power of devastating and killer storms.

    The GUARDIAN Animal Safety Shelter

    Imagine the peace of mind in knowing that no matter what hits, your family will have a safe place to ride out even the worst of storms. Constructed of monolithic hi tensile reinforced concrete wrapped around a steel frame, the FSS offers armored vault security and comfort with its bright interior and comes standard with battery powered lights, a ventilation system and storage for emergency provisions. The FSS houses up to six and is designed to be placed inside your garage, located in your yard or integrated into a new or existing structure. The FSS is also available with custom interior options and an exterior finish and roof package to match any residence.

    The Family Safety Shelter is available only from US Bunkers, the innovator and world leader in governmental, Industrial, business and residential shelters. Protecting the ones you love is our job. Be able to stay in the comfort of your home until the last minute. Many times evacuating is not only dangerous but unnecessary.

    These units have been designed to withstand winds in excess of 500 miles per hour. They have not only the best materials, the strongest and thickest walls of 7 inches but are most importantly massive enough to take large impacts. You have 10 – 18 tons of pure solid reinforced armored concrete protection. Once these units are anchored down to the foundations it adds hundreds of additional tons of strength and they are virtually indestructible.

    “Life assurance, not life Insurance”

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