A little photo essay on how I spent my morning.
morning1A round of golf with the sun just coming up.
morning2A stop at the snack bar to say good morning to Barb. She works at the golf course and also for the same company I do.
morning3Quick trip to Second Cup for my favorite coffee. A jumbo mocha mandarino that has 3 shots of espresso to get me going.

morning4Off to the Brampton Farmers Market where I ran into Rose who when not making beautiful concrete art works at Jake’s.
morning5Time to bottle Jan’s wine.
morning6While bottling the wine, I get a call that they’re having network troubles so it’s off to work.
morning7Hmmm…the lights are on and they’re blinking – time to call in the people who actually know what they’re doing.
morning8Luckily, Andrew is already here.
morning9There’s the culprit! A Nortel VPN box that has decided to kill itself. Andrew makes some calls, switches a few things and everything is OK! Time to go home.

All this happened between 6:00AM and 12:15PM. A busy morning!

(larger views of the pictures available here)

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