The Global Anti-Golf Movement has a manifesto that calls for:

>1. An immediate moratorium on all golf course development.

>2. An open and public environmental and social review/audit of existing golf courses.

>3. Existing golf courses should be converted to public parks, and where they lie in forest areas, wetlands and islands, there should be rehabilitation and regeneration of the land to its natural state.

>4. Investigations into illegalities in the golf industry, including illegal occupation of public lands and encroachment into protected forests, diversion of water, violation and evasion of corporate regulations and corruption. We call on governments to prosecute the violators.

>5. Laws should be passed to prohibit the advertising and promotion of golf courses and golf tourism.

>6. Overseas development assistance , from countries including Japan Australia and European public founds should not be used for the promotion of golf courses and golf tourism or the construction of infrastructure related to such development.

I’ll stop supporting golf courses when they pry the club from my cold stiff hands.