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I promise, this is the last one of the day. Last week I posted my thoughts about the Pit Bull controversy that is raging in Toronto. To make my point, I talked about our two sadly departed dogs and how different they were.

You’ve already seen pictures of Jace “The Gentle Giant”. This is one of the best pictures of Misha who was known as “The Unguided Missle”. This picture has a story to go with it.

For about 10 years, we had a cottage near Campbellford Ontario on the Trent River. No one told us that the Trent has a habit of flooding in the Spring. Misha is standing in the middle of what was usually the main road into the cottage. The dogs and I went up one weekend after a particularly stressful workweek and ran straight into this. I drove a Jeep Cherokee then so a little water wasn’t any problem and luckily the water didn’t get high enough to flood us out. Misha thought it was great fun to paddle around and chase ducks and geese that were floating in the back yard. We had a good time until it was time to go. The Jeep had been parked in the water all weekend and the level was high enough to reach the starter. It rusted up and refused to turn over. A neighbour was nice enough to tow me out and we got on our way.