Are we presently in the midst of World War IV? That’s right, World War IV. What happened to WWIII you ask? This thought-provoking article by Norman Podhoretz looks at the numerous regional “conflicts” since WWII in a broader context and his observations are food for thought.

Speaking about the widening division between the US and Europe, he quotes Robert Kagan who observes:
>“On the all-important question of power—the efficacy of power, the morality of power, the desirability of power—American and European perspectives are diverging. Europe is turning away from power, or to put it a little differently, it is moving beyond power into a self-contained world of laws and rules and transnational negotiation and cooperation. It is entering a post-historical paradise of peace and relative prosperity, the realization of Kant’s “Perpetual Peace.” The United States, meanwhile, remains mired in history, exercising power in the anarchic Hobbesian world where international laws and rules are unreliable and where true security and the defense and promotion of a liberal order still depend on the possession and use of military might.”

Podhoertz writes: “…we are only in the very early stages of what promises to be a very long war, and Iraq is only the second front to have been opened in that war: the second scene, so to speak, of the first act of a five-act play.”

The man is an unabashed Bush supporter but his take on the world since the early 50’s is well presented and more than a bit frightening.

(Thanks to Metafilterfor finding this)