The Orlando Sentinel’s excellent coverage of Hurrican Frances brings us this Top 10 list of questions that have been asked on a citizen’s hotline

> 10 – Is the mall open?

> 9 – What does mandatory mean?

> 8 – Will the curfew let me go to the bar with my friends?

> 7 – Do I leave the sand in the bags?

> 6 – Due to the water, do you put holes in the sandbags?

> 5 – Is Casselberry a county? I live in Seminole County, and it is different there.

> 4 – I heard there is a 9 p.m. curfew for all of Seminole County. Is it different in Sanford?

> 3 – Do the shelters have parking spaces?

> 2 – I’m heading to Alabama and I am in Ocala. I am running out of gas. Should I turn around and go home?

> 1 – I heard the storm is going to Miami. Does that mean it will miss Florida?

It’s said that adversity brings out the best in people but I guess that’s not a hard and fast rule