Had a great day at Glen Abbey yesterday watching some of the best golfers in the world strut their stuff. The weather was perfect and our vantage point couldn’t have been better. We were in a private box at the back of the 18th green. Watched some tremendous shot making. Canadian boy Mike Weir goes into the final round with a 3 shot lead and I’ll be glued to the TV this afternoon cheering him on.

Xerox Canada fed us and made sure a cold beer was always at hand. Walked around some and got a chance to see almost everyone in the field close up except Phil Michelson. Most of these guys are short but they hit a golf ball a mile. BTW, when you see Jesper Parenvek’s bright pants on TV, they’re actually uglier when you see them live.

Spent some time talking to a jib operator, Graham Dunnell, who was getting video of shots on the Par 3 third hole. His company’s website has some footage of what they offer and I couldn’t believe how he manhandles that thing around.