Spent all day in a seminar on RFID which stands for Radio Frequency IDentification. In my line of work, it’s the buzz word for the ,00s. With initatives by WalMart and the US Department of Defense, anyone involved in supply chain management is trying to cut through the buzz and determine just how quickly we have to jump into this fast changing technology without being caught on the “bleeding edge”.
Anyone who uses a proxmity card to gain entry at work, a Esso or Shell speedpass or drives an electronic toll road like the 407 in Toronto is already using RFID but retailers and government are starting to embrace this with a passion. Too many standards, too many suppliers and far too much hype make this a technology that will either bring a competitive edge to those who ride the wave correctly or financial disaster to those who make the wrong decisions.
I guess this is why I make the “big” money.