I’ve posted links to Kevin Sites’ blog before but it’s been a while since I actually visited. 1 minute of reading and I’m sorry that I stayed away.
Kevin is a free-lance journalist covering the war (conflict, police action, whatever) in Iraq and he writes personal entries that bring you directly to the heart of what is happening to this poor country, its people and the warriors who have been sent there to empty the ocean with a leaky bucket.
Here’s a short bit of his observations made while imbeded with the 1-36 Armored Division which has been in Iraq longer than any other American unit:
>”Here on the edge of one of Shiite Islam’s holiest cities, home of the shrines of Ali and Hussein, the 1-36 makes a temporary forward operating base in primitive conditions; they sleep on the platforms of their tanks, curl around the hardware of their Bradleys or simple lie in the dirt. The sun and heat are withering. There are no showers or toilets and they’re back to eating the high-calorie, long-shelf-life, constipating military m-r-e’s, (meals ready to eat) again.”

The soldiers open up to him and tell a very different story than we hear on the campaign trail or in the mainstream media. For example:
>Ray Hernandez says it’s anger that allows him to kill, “The only thing I think about when I go out there and pull the trigger is revenge–for every guy that fell down doing the same thing I was doing. I’m not going to let him die in vain. The object of this fucking war is to let the other guy die for his country, because I’m not dying for mine.”

That’s a soundbite that you won’t hear on CNN and that’s a real pity.

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