I’ve thrown caution to the wind this weekend and updated both Windows XP on my office laptop and the WordPress software that runs this site.

First Windows. Some time ago, I cautioned you against loading SP2 for XP. There were lots of stories of flaky installs leaving systems unusable. I’m happy, and very surprised, to tell you that Microsoft seems to have gotten their update system to work the way it should. I had zero problems and have yet to run into any application that is having trouble with the updated OS. Given the amount of s**t I have running, this is nothing short of remarkable.

I love WordPress. Since moving to this from Blosxom, my blog output has increased dramatically. The reason, it’s so damm easy. There’s not a thing wrong with this open source application. Well written, fanatically supported by a huge user base and simple enough for anyone to use.

Two for two! Time to see what else I can try to screw up.


  1. I too just did the upgrade to 1.2.1 without any problems, however I’m really not ready to do the XP SP2 installation. I just can’t believe that it will go smoothly even though you had no problems.

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