The news here in Canada over the last week hasn’t been all that encouraging. I spend a lot of time commenting on the US election race but I rarely get very worked up about happenings in my own country. So let’s look at what’s been going on.
A Canadian sailor died on the first voyage of a submarine we bought used from the British navy. Sad time but you have to wonder what kind of quality control inspection went on before we handed over the cheque for three boats that have had nothing but trouble since we got their pink slips. Our armed forces have an outstanding record – 1st and 2nd World War heroics, peacekeeping efforts around the world, snipers in Afghanistan – but our support of their needs is a joke. Used submarines, helicopters flying 20 years past their prime and sending troops to the desert in green uniforms just to name a few blunders. If we can’t supply the troops we have, perhaps we need to scale back the size of our forces. We spread ourselves too thin and have become the laughing stock of the military world.
Our minority government almost falls on its first major confrontation – the Speech From The Throne. Prime Minister Martin has to make concessions and changes to avoid being booted out on the first official day of power. It doesn’t help when the party with the 2nd highest number of seats is dedicated to splitting Quebec out of the Confederation. “Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition” indeed.
Closer to home, a tanker truck carrying 40,000 litres of gasoline flips over and explodes in Woodbridge, about 10 kms. from where I live. The driver is found to be legally impaired. Luckily no one is killed or seriously injuried. If this asshat ever gets to drive again, we should receive constant updates so we know which areas to avoid.
About 5 blocks from my home a young fellow is gunned down. Brampton has a few murders every year but drive-by shootings are not common. One is far too many when it’s in your backyard.
Light frost on the car windows this morning and a heavy layer on the neighbours’ roofs. Too soon, far too soon. I like fall but I prefer it without the icing.
Perhaps I’m just coming down with Seasonal Associated Disorder (SAD) early this year.