So the religious zealots have got their panties in a twist because Halloween falls on a Sunday this year. “Worship the Lord” they say, “Not Satan”. Give us a break people. Halloween has a much to do with Satanic worship as the upcoming US election has to do with the issues.
If little Johnny wants to go to church Sunday morning and shill for candy that evening, where’s the harm? Whatever religious or anti-religious meaning October 31st once had has been beaten to death by commercialism sort of like that other occasion known as “Christmas”.
In Canada, Halloween is one of the few things that schools can celebrate because it has NO religious overtones.
Can’t tell that to the Fundies, they can’t hear you.

2 thoughts on “GOD GOOD, HALLOWEEN BAD

  1. hmmm….. looks like you missed a word in your comment. Might it have been “hate”? If so, no I don’t hate Christianity, just the way some people practice it.

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