Sitting in my room at the Hampton Inn in Clemson South Carolina. Not much to see but we arrived late and have only had a chance to check in and grab a late dinner.
Flights went fine but I couldn’t believe the terminal that we left out of at Dulles airport in Washington. Concourse G is United’s regional hub and I’ve never seen more mass confusion in one place in my life. A thousand passengers trying to get out on small aircraft in a room that could be one of the levels of hell. Gate agents trying to talk over each other, no where to line up to board and no where to grab a quick smoke.
The weather here is beautiful. Fairly warm (compared to Toronto) and dry.
I’m just watching the ball game and it looks like the Boston Red Sox may pull the comeback of the century out of the hat.
Tomorrow we have a quick meeting and then it’s back on the plane and hopefully I’ll be home before it gets dark.