The weekend’s almost over and it’s back to work tomorrow. The weather was 50-50 with yesterday a beautiful fall day and today a cold drizzle. Managed to get golf in both days which is always a blessing at this time of year.

Yesterday I cut the lawn for the last time this year. A chance to cut it short and get the last of the leaves. Putting the lawnmower away for the winter is one of those signs that the unstoppable slide into winter has begun. Next weekend I’ll clean out the add-a-room and put away the hoses before they freeze. The weather forecast calls for rain this week so I might set out for Home Depot and get some grass seed to help the lawn out for next year. While I’m there, I’ll probably look for a replacement snow shovel for the front driveway. That will feel strange.

Tonight we had a BBQ. Got a couple of nice T-bone steaks yesterday and they came out really tasty. Sure you can grill all winter but by February the snow on the deck will be 2 feet deep if the past few winters are any indication.

Next Sunday the clocks go back an hour. Another clue that the seasons are changing.

If spring is rebirth than fall is the lingering illness that tells us our time is fleeting. Sure we have great days when the air is fresh and the sky is a blue that you don’t see in any other season. But it’s also the time when the last leaves fall and collect in sodden, rotting piles and the kids don’t play road hockey quite as often. You leave for work in the morning and it’s dark and you come home in twilight.

Soon we’ll have frost every morning and one day you’ll look at the sky and notice that the flurries have started. Just a few and pretty as hell but you know it’s just advance scouts for the troops waiting in the wings.

The Christmas commericals will start in earnest just as soon as we get Halloween out of the way. I find this depressing and you can be sure that I’ll write at least one rant condemming the commercialism and false fellowship that makes me cringe a little more every day.

My aplogies if this bums anyone out. I go through this every year and a week from now I’ll probably be singing the praises of November. Or not. Living in Southern Ontario is a meteorological crapshoot and, at this time of year, your best long range forecast is determined by how far you can see out your window.

2 thoughts on “OCTOBER WINDS DOWN

  1. As a red blooded Texan I have not taken any offence to your positions on the US elections, president, etc. In fact I agree with most of what you say, however referring to cooking steaks as BBQ’ing is completely out of bounds. What you did was “grilling” which is very different than bbq’ing. Barbecueing is a long drawn out process invlolving a very low heat, lots of smoke and several hours (if not days!!). Here is a link for more definition…


  2. I got a weird set of errors output after posting the last comment – looks to be related to wpblacklist. Let me know if you want the details – I copied them to a text file.

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