A few pictures today. We dropped into Jake’s last night and some of the staff were dressed up.

!@(jakes15.jpg:R “halloween”) Here we have 2 angels and 1 devil. Kristen on the left, Nicola in the middle and Kimberly on the right. Hard to work in costume I’m sure and Kimberly kept poking me with her wings when she was dropping off my beer.

!@(jakes16.jpg “Angela”) This is Angela who’s just come back from the farm. It was her last night of work at Jake’s before she takes on a “real” job.

!@(jakes17.jpg:R “John”) John the manager who tried to snow us into believing that he was dressed up as a golfer. Yeah right John. He’s one of my golf group and that shirt isn’t allowed on the course.

!@(jakes18.jpg “batman”) One of the bussers showing off her muscles. It’s a Batman costume but should we call her Batwoman?

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2 thoughts on “SUNDAY’S PICTURES

  1. What are you using to float those pictures so nicely? All of my attempts to float have ended in disaster. Amazingly enough, I checked your post in both IE and Firefox and it appears correctly. I’d love to know your trick.

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