Good morning again America. Did you get any sleep last night?

Well, you voted. Good for you. It looks like the numbers were way up and it’s great to see that so many of you took the time.

As for the outcome, I’m not so pleased. Unless every absentee and provisional ballot cast in Ohio was for Kerry, it looks like King George II has got his second term. I think it’s going to get ugly down there and the world will not be a safer place. Iran and North Korea are probably sharpening swords or throwing a little more uranium in the enricher this morning. Bush and Cheney will take this mandate as a sign that they have carte blanche to go pick a few more fights.

The people have spoken and you have to abide by that decision. Let’s hope that the administration can govern with humility, reasoned thought and restraint. Their track record doesn’t make that likely. What will 4 more years bring?
> the end to legalized abortion

> oil drilling in envrionmentally sensitive areas like Alaska

> the return of the draft

> further eroding of the power of the United Nations (hell, they’ll probably get kicked out of New York City)

> war

By the way, if you son or daughter needs a place to stay for the next few years, drop me a line. We have a spare room and your dollar still buys more in Canada.

2 thoughts on “DEAR AMERICA PART 2

  1. I was smacked in the face by that last comment. Well, I don’t have spare room and US dollars buy LESS here, but if there a son or daughter in need because of this nightmare, count me in.

  2. I can’t see how Bush will be able to feed the military machine without reinstiuting the draft.

    Besides, the more people he can put in the military, the more jobs that will be available in the general economy. Then he’ll be able to proudly state that the unemployment rate is dropping.

    He’s not smart enough to figure this out but unfortunately he has enough thugs around him who will.

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