John Kerry, showing what an honorable man he really is, called Bush up and conceded the election. Class act.

That’s it. Four more years of this rat-bastard destabilizing the world. Sweet Baby Jebus America – what the heck were you thinking when you pulled your lever, pushed your button, marked your X or peformed whatever voodoo ritual you had to yesterday? You’ve let slip the dogs of war and thousands and thousands of your countrymen will die in out-of-the-way shitholes around the world. Your economy is going so far down the toilet that the Roto Rooter man is going to have to send out for extensions for his snake if he ever hopes to unclog the financial mess. Better start working out because gas at $4 a gallon is gonna stop you from driving that one block to the mall.

George W Bush reminds me of that slack jawed kid on the porch in Deliverance. The only difference is that he’s got a bunch of friends who make Hitler look like a pacifist and are prepared to kick your ass if you laugh at him. He’s got his second term and he’s got the muscle in both houses to ignore the voices of reason and dissent. This crook won’t be a lame-duck president, he’ll be Rambo in a bad mood. Buy some Defense stocks ’cause that’s where the real money is going to be made.

You’ve coughed and now Canada and the rest of the world is going to come down with double pneumonia. This scares the crap out of me. What the hell were you thinking????