When I was young, I was perpetually pissed off that my birthday comes 15 days before Christmas. December 10th was a day to get cards and maybe some socks or something else of a pratical nature.

My friends with birthdays in April or June or August got bicylces and wagons and toy guns, but not me.

53 years in to this journey, that certainly doesn’t bother me now (well, maybe a little bit). It’s a day for laying low, for contemplation and, sometimes, just a little regret. You don’t get everything in life that you want and bitching and moaning about it does nothing except to sharpen the edge of that regret. I have my health, a wife who loves me and I’m not collecting tonight’s dinner out of a dumpster. Hell, I have nothing to complain about so I won’t.

All I want is someone to explain why time isn’t linear. Back when I was a tadpole, I swear the days had 48 hours and each hour was three times as long as they are now. Hikes lasted forever, a pickup ball game lasted longer than a cricket test match and, when my mother finally tracked me down to come in for dinner, I trudged home with the exhaustion that comes from having just spent the longest and best day ever. It was as if the sand grains in the hourglass were mixed with glue and each one had to fight its way through the neck. Now someone has greased the sand and it rushes through with a thunderous roar. If you doze off for an instant, a decade has slipped by with just a few hazy memories left behind like a contrail in the winter sky.

I’ll meet my friends tonight and we’ll share a glass of cheer while they pat me on the back and tell me I look pretty good for an old guy. I’ll laugh with them but I’ll constantly be sneaking a glance at the hourglass in the corner of my eye.

2 thoughts on “THAT TIME AGAIN

  1. Happy B-Day! I too have a Christmas-ish birthday. Mine is the 19th of January. I perpetually got a “christmas/birthday” present from relatives. I’m still bitter. My angst is made worse by the fact that my parents had the nerve to give me a younger brother with the same birthday. He was born on MY birthday 3 years later.

  2. so he got spoiled and you were told to act like a man? I got that with my sister, although we don’t share birthdays.

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