She has a glazed look as she scans the area. Hunting has been good but there is a gnawing feeling in her mind that she has forgotten something. Surely her catch would satisfy everyone but – what if it didn’t? She would bear the shame for months. The others would look at her and she would see the disappointment in their eyes. She didn’t provide. Has she lost a step as she gets older? Can we trust her again?

Back and forth she looks, searching for that which would hide from her. She still has her skills. Nothing was a match for her years of honing her art. She remembersd a hunt many years ago when, at the last minute, she tracked and caught the perfect one. It was small and rare and it had hid among larger, less cunning targets but she knew it was there. Many of her kind had passed the same spot and had settled for the slow, the large, the easy. But not her. From across the expanse she saw it. Careful now, don’t alert the others or someone closer might grab it! Slowly she approached its lair and, like lightining, she pounced. The prize was hers!

Shaking herself from memory, she finally decides that there is nothing more here worth taking. Perhaps she’ll spot something on the long trip home. Resigning herself, she turns as the cashier asks, “Will that be cash or charge?”.