Well, no dreaming required in Toronto this year. We got dumped on overnight. About 15cm has fallen so far and right now we’re going through a little spell of freezing rain just to make sure that the roads are positively shitty. Driving a Jeep, I didn’t have any problems this morning as I made my rounds except for the amnesia sufferers who act like they’ve never seen this white crap before. The weather forecast should have read “scattered periods of lunatics and idiots” instead of a winter storm warning. Cmon people, it ain’t that difficult. You can’t inch through a snowbank left by the plough, you have to take a run at it.

Once you get past the driving, it’s not so bad outside. A great day to be inside, content in the knowledge that your Christmas shopping is done (except for the wrapping) and you can sit back in smug satisfaction as you listen to the talking heads on TV who warn that today is the busiest shopping day of the year. You poor bastards who are driving around looking for a parking space at the mall. I see the look of desperation in your eyes. “Next year”, you solemnly promise, “I won’t wait to the last moment”. Yes you will. Men are hard-wired to procrastinate and Christmas raises that trait to an art form. Cheer up – the gas stations are open all night and who can’t use a gallon of windshield washer?

So today finds me doing laundry and gift wrapping. Tonight we’ll deliver a few gifts to our friends and tomorrow we’re off to Wasaga Beach to spend a few days with Maxine.

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!!