Yesterday I spent nearly 7 hours watching the 2 supplementary DVDs that came with the extended version of “The Return Of The King”. I was in heaven.

I first Tolkien’s Trilogy over 30 years ago and they remain my favorite books to this day. Skepticism was my first reaction when I heard that they were going to attempt to film the epic story of Frodo and Sam but I’ve loved each of the movies with the final chapter being the best.

To see the devotion that went into making these movies is truly inspiring. Some of the technical wizards spent over 4 years on the project and it was a labour of love.

If you liked the movies, you’ll enjoy watching how they were made.

3 thoughts on “GEEKING OUT

  1. Hee hee Eyeno, exactly what I did the last few days. Especially the design of Minas Tirith and the costume design blew me away!

  2. I found the CGI work fascinating. Especially how they blended computer work with the live action.

    Happy New Year Jeroen

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