As 2004 winds down, it’s time to take one last whack at the nutjob fundamentalists who turn religion into an ugly, monstrous beast. What do you get when you take these whackos and add the tsunami disaster? You get this piece of shit

!@(nutjob.jpg “nutjob”) (click to enlarge) Brought to you by the loving caring people at The Westboro Baptist Church. Notice their website is called “”. Nice touch that. In case, you’ve gotten sick reading their vomit on paper, their major point is that the tsunami did God’s work by killing 2000 homosexual Swedes. Nothing says God’s love like raging homophobia. Congratulations Westboro Baptist Church, You win the coveted “EyeNo AssHat Of The Year Award”!


2 thoughts on “ONE LAST WHACK

  1. Well it looks like Fred is still working up his Hate.

    But what you must understand is how Fred’s Hate has helped. When you see Glaring Raw Hate, you understand how foolish and stupid it is.

    Fred really has done more for helping others with light in their eyes, to see Hate for what it is.

    And to see Love and Understanding for what it is.

  2. Just when you thought it couldn’t get any crazier. This is absolutely horrifying. I understand the point about “glaring raw hate” but it still makes me physically ill to think of people getting behind this. It is just this sort of attitude that motivated us to move from the US midwest to Toronto. I know, I know, everything isn’t perfect here by any means but I have yet, in the space of over a year, to meet a George Bush supporter and that alone is worth it.

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