Welcome to 2005. No resolutions – well, I do have a few but I’m not telling.

This morning I had to make a quick trip up to Wasaga Beach and back (4 hour round trip) to hook some new electronics equipment I got Maxine for Christmas. Snow squalls on the way up but when I got there everything was bright and perfect.

!@(newyear2.jpg:R240 http://www.eyeno.net/images/newyear2.jpg “max”) Fully 3/4 of the snow has melted with the warm weather of the last few days but there’s still some deep spots around.

On the way back, I stopped on a little side road. !@(newyear1.jpg:L240 http://www.eyeno.net/images/newyear1.jpg “road home”)

I wish everyone all the best for the New Year. May you be blessed with friends, family, health and prosperity.

And may the world find just a little Peace.