2 DOWN, 363 TO GO


Last day of the Christmas vacation. Back to work tomorrow with all the promise and good intentions of a new year. A clean slate and another chance to get my shit together.

I’m really not trying to make resolutions here, I just want to focus on things that are most important and shed some of the baggage of administrivia that I allow to take up most of my day. That’s the part that I hate the most. 100+ emails a day that, for the most part, our cover-your-ass notes. Read ’em and dump ’em. Checking and authorizing invoices for payment. Look at ’em, sign ’em and move ’em along. Hardware purchase requests tend to sit on my desk. Not this year. Same day processing guaranteed.

What will I do with all this time I’m going to free up? Plan, mentor and lead. I’m responsible for 16 people and I never seem to find the time to give them the direction and support they need. This year they’ll be hearing from me often. They’re all great people doing a fantastic job in a stressful atmosphere. It’s my job to get them the tools to perform their jobs and I’ve been woefully neglegent. Not this year. We’re going to have some fun.