On-line journal, weblog, Blog. I don’t know who first came up with the idea but hundreds of thousands of blogs now exist. Once a rather private and geeky thing, blogs are now almost mainstream. The US presidential election of 2004 gave the blog an air of importance. Writers, some anonymous, brought fact and rumors to the world faster than CNN. The world started to take notice.

What was once a harmless way to pass the time is now at a crossroads. Bloggers are being fired by the companies they work for because they cast the company in a bad light or divulge corporate secrets. I myself have already been called on my manager’s carpet for things that I have said. This wasn’t because I was so popular in cyberspace that the Wall Street Journal did a story on my brilliant pose. No, it was much more mundane than that. I mentioned the company I work for in my profile and a simple Google search returned links to this little piece of the Internet. Some things I said made the people who write my paycheque uneasy and I was asked to remove all corporate references from my site. I agonized for a few minutes and, wisely I think, decided that it was better to keep the money flowing in than making a stand for freedom of speech. I felt a little dirty about it but I got over it.

Only a handful of readers visit here on a daily basis. Some are friends, some are family but most arrive here as result of a search engine. Sometimes they come back. I used to get more hits when I filled the screen with links to wierd little oddities that I found on others’ sites. Some came when I did my anti-Bush rants in the run up to the elections. I don’t do those anymore. My business requires me to make infrequent visits to the US. Frankly, I’m worried that something I might say here with tongue lodged firmly in cheek might be read by people with zero sense of humor. Being put on a no-fly list would be the end of my job. Again, I’ll err on the side of my wallet.

Is blogging a fad? Probably. In some ways I still think the Internet is a fad. With viruses, spyware and more and more “real news” outlets moving their websites to subscriber only access, the glorious days of a bunch of nerds trying to figure out how far this little experiment would go are nearing an end. Now everyone wants to figure out how to make a buck off this thing. I am guilty of the same thing. You notice the Google Ads and the links to and I wouldn’t mind covering some of the expenses of running this site but I’m not going to beat anyone over the head to get a couple of bucks.

Regular readers have noticed that I’m not posting on a regular basis. There’s an ebb and flow to my desire to keep EyeNo’s Blog current. Right now I’m in a definite ebb period. That may change tomorrow or this could be the last post ever. Who knows? I sure don’t.

One of my thoughts is to let you contribute posts yourself. If anyone’s interested, drop me a note in comments and I’ll set you up. Posting is easy and can be done from anywhere. As an added bonus, I’ll even give you access to the gallery so you can upload your pictures and share them with the world.

Heck, we could even change the name of this thing.