1999 was a terrible year to be an IT manager. The Y2K “problem” drove everyone apeshit. Lawyers got involved and the company I work for went crazy with plans and demands. One notable example was their memo that asked me to get a guarantee in writing from Ontario Hydro that, in the event that their systems crashed at midnight, they would cover any of our business losses. Hyrdo, of course, said “pound salt” in legalese that turned your brain to mush if you tried to read it. Things got so bad that I started smoking again after being off the demon weed for 10 years.

Well, 01/01/2000 came and went and the world went on. Now we have to worry about the Year 2038 Bug. The way this site explains it, at percisely Tue Jan 19 03:14:07 2038 all the computers in the world will revert to 1901.

I’m not sure how worried I should be – I’ll be 86 when it happens.

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