Flew home from Calgary last night on Air Canada. I’m not sure what to think about our “National” carrier nowadays. The flight was on time, the flight attendants were professional and the food was edible. I guess that’s all you can expect in this new age of efficient air travel. It’s hard to put your finger on it but I guess I could sum it up by saying there’s no soul evident.

I flew on an Airbus A321. A nice aircraft with comfortable seats and acceptable leg room. I was originally scheduled to leave at 5:20 but managed to get on the 3:15 flight. That’s a story in itself. I was flying on a Tango fare plan which means you can’t make any changes to your flight – you can’t even go standby for an earlier departure. I ended up paying to leave earlier instead of sitting around the airport for 4 hours. Why in hell’s name wouldn’t they let you change if there’s seat availability?? Do they really think that people are going to walk in 2 hours before a flight and pay full dollar for a ride? That sums up the new Air Canada percisely. The check-in agent was apologetic but he had absolutely no leeway to change the rules. I remember when a friendly agent could upgrade you just because he or she was having a good day. Not any more. There are rules and they have to follow them. Robert Milton has destroyed the soul of what was once the finest airline in the world. A sad, sad day.

Quite a bit colder here in Toronto than it was in Calgary even if everyone says it’s really warmed up.