And you think your day sucked? Yesterday, I boarded 3 aircraft, went from below zero cold to driving rain, endured a missed approach into Atlanta and had 2 hotel rooms in a 15 minute period. My day began at 3:30 yesterday morning and ended at 2:00 am this morning.

We flew from Montreal to LaGuardia airport in New York city and, after a 1 hour layover, plodded on to Atlanta. The approach into the airport here was accompanied by lightning and zero visibility in heavy rain and the pilots had to go around because there was a problem with “clearance with ground traffic” whatever that means. We ended up getting in over 1/2 hour late. A long, long walk through the terminal and then an extended wait to get to the rental car yard was doing nothing for my mood. Finally got the car and then headed off to the Mariott where they initially couldn’t find my reservation. When they did, they put me in a beautiful suite on the top floor. Only one problem – no bed. Got that straightened out and they put me in another room. Only one problem – no smoking allowed. I’d just gone through nearly 8 hours without a smoke so I really didn’t need that. I guess I could have changed again but at 2 AM I was more interested in sleep than nicotine.

Hopefully today goes better.